2008 Pan y Paz Declaration

Declaration about hunger and the right to food.

1. Every human being has the right to food. God provides to everyone.

2. There is enough food in the world for everybody. Everybody should be able to eat.

3. God's image is in everybody, we need to protect it.

4. Feeding the poor is not a matter of charity; it is a matter of justice.

5. The priorities of the society are misplaced; they need to be corrected. More bread and less weapons.

6. Lasting peace requires people with no hunger.

7. Feeding others does not require money as much as it requires working together in our communities.

8. Feeding others does not require elaborate projects; it requires decisiveness.

9. Providing food to the hungry with love and respect expresses God's love, reveals Jesus, is the bread of life and the mission of the church.

10. Giving food requires reflection on ownership of land, distribution of wealth, social structure and God’s desires for all of humanity.

11. You give food to empower people to be free from oppression caused by hunger and the socio-economical structures that keep them there.

12. The necessary changes require political decisions made by human beings. Since things are able to change, it is a crime to keep people hungry.


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