Committment to Non-Violence

On the occasion of the International Day of Peace and Nonviolence called by the United Nations, we invite our brothers and sisters in Colombia to commit to nonviolence in all their relationships:

1. I commit to grow a spirituality of nonviolence in my family and in my own live.

2. I commit to respect and protect the dignity of live in all of its forms.

3. I commit to practice nonviolence in my family relationships rejecting physical, verbal and psychological mistreatments.

4. I commit, to solve every conflict in a nonviolent way as reflect of my love for others.

5. I commit to pursue solidarity and to work for a fair economy that promotes sustainable and holistic human development.

6. I commit not to carry weapons or to participate in militarist projects.

7. I commit to serve with my gifts, skills, time and resources to build a society of live, justice and peace through the active practice of nonviolence.