What Is It and Who Are We?

Pan y Paz (bread and peace) is a joint effort of communities, churches and Christian institutions, who are working from the perspectives of Jesus Christ, peace and respect of the dignity of all human being. Pan y Paz’s main objective is to provide spaces within churches and encourage them to reflect on the relationship between economic justice and lasting peace in Colombia. The churches that participate in Pan y Paz advocate for a more even distribution of resources in the country to eradicate hunger and injustice which are basic and necessary conditions to achieving a true and lasting peace.

This initiative started as a response to the United Nation’s proposal of establishing the 21st of September as the International Day of Peace. In an environment of conflict, more than 200 churches in Colombia have worked hard to create a culture of peace, love and nonviolence as an alternative life for Colombians and their future generations. Adults, youth and children have taken part in this project in more than 25 different regions by planning public activities, marching in their cities, producing public statements to government, illegal groups and media, praying, and creating relationships with local communities, other churches and governmental institutions.

We believe that Jesus Christ’s church is an agent of hope, consolation, and change that promotes justice, peace and well being for our country. That is why this year we invite again our brothers and sisters to follow Jesus’ call for change and justice starting with a transformation of our lives and actions.